Wild Man




Wild man, a creative portrait in a dark gothic tone ideal for a magazine cover or something similar. Should you find a portrait amongst your collection that has a good composition about it then get creative and see what you can make of it. This photograph was taken in the models home and no studio equipment was used in the making of this shot, sometimes you do not need fancy expensive lighting. However, what you will need is two or more photographs to create the final piece and some decent photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop




Photography Tips:

To create an image like this you will need a willing model, SLR camera and flash gun (or other light source such as ceiling light etc) and time. People photography is rarely straight forward and simple unless you are setup in a studio, however, regardless of setting these things take time. To do a double exposure effect such as ‘Wild Man’, you will need to take another photo that creates the desired effect, in this case the birds and tree. Once you have your desired images, I advise you to YouTube ‘double exposure’ and watch some training videos on how to achieve this effect (stay tuned as I will be providing videos of this soon!). 


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