Who am i? I am a British photographer with a passion of owning a gallery that will highlight everything beautiful and ugly about humanity. Not every thing in life is pretty, life is raw at times and my work will hopefully reflect that. There is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ photograph, art is subjective to the observer and I do not aim to please the masses, my work is my style and shows my personality in some context.


Some photographers specialize in a specific genre, I don’t ever put all my eggs in one basket, there is so much in the world to capture, that i find it difficult to only focus on one aspect. Though what i will say, is i do like my photographs to tell a story, or engage the observer in some way. I do have a passion for black and white photography, there is something about these two tones that are magical in creating a dramatic photo.


An area of interest to me his history and psychology, looking at humanities past, the good and the ugly. With a burning desire to capture the Holocaust, I have embarked on a journey that will stay with me for a life time. My Auschwitz & Birkenau collection is available to view on my website and was recently curated by the International Photography Awards (Lucie) and was given an Honorable Mention in 2016. I am very proud of this mention due to the hard work and expense that came with this project. I have future plans to visit some other sites and to continue with expanding this gallery.


I also shoot for commercial projects and any public requests


Aside from photography, I also practice in Tao Te Kung Fu and Yoga as i believe it is very important to keep your mind and body in good shape. The better my mind,  the better my photography.


International Photography Awards

Honorable Mention 2016, ‘Road to Nowhere’ in ‘Travel & Tourism’ category