War what is it good for?

War what is it good for, absolutely nothing! There is some truth in that song, this image is actually a photograph of my son wearing a bike helmet and reminded me of a young soldier. This led me to create the image you can see now, Has been awhile since i have done any digital brush work.

Most war’s if not all, are pointless. People in power choose to go to war and yet they do not fight themselves, the common man is the one who suffers. Humans are a funny race, we are an intelligent species whom can create beautiful things and yet we dispute with each other over trivial matters. We seem incapable of sharing cultures and faiths, we can’t seem to share religion and just accept that actually NO one knows the truth, it’s just a story and should be down to the individual in what they believe ┬áSo, are we really that intelligent, or are we just mere animals with a massive ego and an acceptance complex?

With all the chaos in the middle east especially Syria, it always saddens me to see children stuck in the middle of conflict whether its surviving or fighting. Children fighting an adults war is horrific, I always wonder if an alien race landed on Earth what they would think of humanity as a whole?