Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight, a side of shot of an authentic Turkish bowl. The bowl is beautiful and the colour is completely natural.

Articles made of glass, being the products of human patience, creativity, and skill, are valuable works of art conveying down to our present day knowledge from the depths of history. Though it is quite fragile, glass does not change once it has assumed a form, and with its rather stable nature it is an interesting material which, resistant to the effects of Nature, does not deteriorate.

Equal in age nearly to that of civilisation itself, glass-making is one of the most ancient and advanced arts among the Turks. In their homeland of Central Asia, and in the other places to which they subsequently migrated or in which they settled, the Turks have intimately interested themselves with this craft. The various techniques which they found locally they developed, embellishing them with their own skills and taste, arriving at wholly new syntheses. The finds from excavations and the very few examples remaining to us are evidence of this view. Nevertheless, owing to the different names which the Turkish nation has taken in various localities at various periods, these are faced with the difficulty of being attributed to Turkish culture.

Without delving too deeply into Turkish history and in the form of a summary, the importance placed on glass-making by the Turks beginning with their arrival in Asia Minor-Anatolia as it is known today-lasting down to the present day, as well as the romance of glass-making make up the subject matter of this series of articles – TCF

Example of Turkish bowls click here