The Street Performer

The Street Performer, a man beautifully playing the cello in Krakow main square Poland. He was playing some somber classical music and gathered quite an audience

Krakows Old Town historic area resounds with music of every kind as street musicians vie for your attention and spare change at every corner. More demanding audience may choose between frequent concerts and recitals of classical music and diverse musical offerings of numerous clubs. There is also no shortage of shops selling CDs in downtown Krakow where the latest releases of the world’s top acts are available as soon as they are launched in Paris or Berlin. Radio stations mostly fill the local airwaves with recent international hits and their domestic counterparts as well as pop evergreens, though a few specialize in jazz or classical music. The Old Town huge central Krakow main square (Rynek Glowny) often serves as an open-air concert venue when some ensemble (usually a pop band) takes up the makeshift stage by the Town Hall Tower. –