Stardust Silhouette – Nature still needs nurture

Stardust Silhouette – Nurture or nature?

Stardust Silhouette, a beautiful image of a lady placing a button-hole on a young child in preparation for a wedding.  Inspiration for this photograph came from a technical error, my batteries failed on my flashgun. The two centre subjects appeared to be darker than I had previously hoped for. This initial fault was used to my advantage and I created the silhouette effect instead.

Anyone who knows me, knows I have  a passion for dark photography. Dark in tone and context, photography doesn’t have to be pretty, some of the best images are dark of nature. I admire photographers who have the courage to stand out of the crowd, to be different from the rest and to not fear critique. Being unique comes with critique, people naturally question what they do not understand, be the informal voice and introduce the world to your style.

Why mention Nature or Nature? As a psychology student, there is often a debate to whether someone’s personality is based on genetics or shaped by their environment. My personal opinion is that both concepts are equally as important in shaping someone’s personality. Yes, we are born with certain traits but life molds us along the way. The concept could be explained, as a baby to be a blank canvas, with life being the artist.

Photography Tips:

Try not discard an image because it didn’t appear how you intended. Have a good look, does the photograph tell you a different story? Sometimes things happen for a reason, had my flashgun not failed, this image may have never been created. Use shadows to your advantage, after all photography is all about light whether present or not. Photoshop and other editing software can offer a vast array of options, styles and techniques. It is always worth investing time in learning how to edit a photograph, as well as capturing one.

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