Skin Deep


Skin Deep

Skin, natures tailored outfit, the largest organ of the human body. This photograph is a natural side shot of a lady at 22 weeks pregnant, my desire was to make this photograph elegant, decent and tasteful. I hope this photo highlights the beautiful female form in all its natural glory.

Your baby at 22 weeks

Your baby is around 27 cm from head to toe now, about the size of a papaya and continuing to grow. The placenta will keep growing throughout your pregnancy, providing nourishment for your baby. Also the baby’s gums are already developing tooth buds, ready for their first teeth to come through a few months after birth.

Their eyes will have formed, but due to a lack of pigment in their iris they won’t have an eye colour yet. It’s also common for baby’s to be born with one eye colour, for them to change in the first few months. Their other organs continue to grow with their pancreas producing essential hormones. Their lungs are developing more rapidly which will continue in the coming weeks.

Your baby might be developing their own little daily routine now, and establishing a pattern in their waking and sleeping. It might not be the same as yours, so be prepared for some middle-of-the-night kicks and mid-morning quiet periods. –

Photography Tips:

To capture an image like this can be difficult. First, you need a willing model who is prepared to be a model and to allow distribution of the image. Second, you need either a studio with good lighting or try and create a studio environment elsewhere. I don’t personally have the luxury of my own studio, so this was captured at home. Using Photoshop I was able to control the light as desired. Sometimes you don’t need lots of expensive equipment, look around you and use what is available.