The Sauna

“Die Zentrale Sauna.”, called by the Nazi’s or ‘The Central Sauna’, by the rest of us. These big black ominous units are delousing chambers used to clean the clothes of the unfortunate Jews upon their arrival.

The so-called “Central Sauna”, “Central Sauna” or “New Sauna” (officially BW 32) was a one-story brick building in the Auschwitz concentration camp . It served as a “Entwesungs – and disinfection system ” when recording deported people in the Auschwitz should remain as a prisoner. This largest object in the concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau was put into operation for the first nine months of construction in mid-December 1943 rd The “Central Sauna” was located in the bearing portion BIIg close to Effektenlager Canada. 

During the recording procedure, the newly registered prisoners had in the various rooms of the building first shed their clothes and under observation of the SS guards showers cold or hot. Then they got concentration camp inmate clothing and footwear. Thereafter, the prisoners shorn hair, and it often came to injury of the scalp. Jewish prisoners were in the Central Sauna by camp doctors a renewed selection subjected and those who still were not considered “fit for work” were in the gas chambers killed .

Subsequently, to remain in the camp provided prisoners were registered (Access). For the new prisoners had their personal information form (name, last residence, relatives, professional, etc.) that have been recognized prisoners of receiving commands on forms, the so-called prisoners’ personnel records. The inmate personnel records were later on the file (primer, einweisende agency etc.) added. Last came the tattoo of prisoner number on the left forearm, which in other concentration camps was not practiced. The peculiarity of the tattoo of the prison number was introduced in Auschwitz in the autumn of 1941, to identify the bodies because of the high death rate of prisoners. After the completion of the recording procedure, the inmates were brought into the quarantine camp or transferred to prisoner blocks.  In the following days, the prisoners were still photographed what was practiced regular way until 1943.

Periodically already taken prisoners of the Auschwitz concentration camp and their clothes were in the “Central Sauna” disinfected, especially before transfers to other concentration camps. More saunas were in the main camp of Auschwitz in block 26 and in Auschwitz Birkenau in the bearing portions Bla and Blb. – Wikipedia

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