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Stages of Identity

Psychologist James Marcia, proposes there are 4 stages of identity an individual may go through during their life. These stages are not progressive, meaning people can flutter between all stages or may only ever stay in one .


What is your destiny, what path will you take?

  1. Foreclosure – An individual may be given an identity from their parents, for example, father may be a farmer with their own farm and passes the business down to their son, who inherits the business and accepts the role (identity) of being a farmer. The individual may show little exploration but be highly committed to their given role.
  2. Moratorium – Where an individual may have great desires for a particular identity, dream or ideal, but show little commitment to achieve it. These people could be called ‘dreamers’ and not ‘do-ers’.
  3. Diffusion – Where an individual may have no idea what they want to be, no desire to try anything, no future plans and no commitment to acquire an identity. These people may be afraid of adventure and not dare take any risks.
  4. Achievement – These people tend to know what they want to do and are highly committed to achieving it. You could say these people are ‘do-ers’.

What stage are you at? Have you been through more stages than one?


Social Media, a social lie or a powerful tool?

It is theorised that humans cannot maintain more than 150 relationships on average, and yet some people have a lot more social connections in social media (SM). So, how valuable are these relationships if they cannot be maintained and does having hundreds or thousands of friends actually bring any true meaning of friendship. Being socially popular does not mean you have meaningful relationships. True friendship requires work, effort and regular maintenance and can you successfully commit this amount of energy to hundreds of friends? However, lots of social connections do allow for greater access to information and self-promotion. So,  social media is all about ones ‘motives’ and their intentions for using this powerful tool.



More work to come