A Noir Moment, Block of experiments

A noir moment

A Noir Moment, a flight of stairs in Block 10 or 11 of Auschwitz concentration camp. The stairs were very rugged, worn and haunting. As I walked these stairs, I often wondered who had walked them when the camps were active.

Block 10

Block 10 was a cell block at the Auschwitz Concentration Camp where women and men were used as experimental subjects for German doctors. The experiments in Block 10 ranged from skin testing for reaction to relatively gentle substances to giving phenol injections to the heart for immediate dissection.

Although Block 10 was in the men’s camps, the experiments conducted were mostly for women. The Germans would house prostitutes in Block 10. The main doctors who worked in Block 10 were Carl Clauberg, Horst Schumann, Eduard Wirths, Bruno Weber and August Hirt. Each of them had different methods in doing experiments on the inmates.

The victims at Auschwitz were also exported anywhere else experimental subjects were needed. For example, twenty Jewish children were transported to the Neuengamme concentration camp in Hamburg where they were injected with virulent tubercular serum and subjected to other experiments, and later murdered at the Bullenhuser Damm school.

The doctors

  • Carl Clauberg  He focused on sterilization by injection. His method was to inject a caustic substance into the cervix in order to obstruct the Fallopian tubes. His experimental subjects were married women between the ages of twenty and forty who had already had children.
  • Horst Schumann  His experimental subjects were healthy men and women in their late teens or early twenties, on whom he attempted X-ray sterilization. Women were put between plates that pressed against abdomen and their back. He placed the penis and scrotum on a special plate. Radiation burns and intestinal damage were a frequent result. – Wikipedia

Alina Dabrowska

Alina Dabrowska was one of the victims of the Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, or the Angel of Death. He and his team carried out the most cruel experiments on the prisoners they considered guinea pigs. They thought of them as animals and treated them as such. Grotesque operations, sterilizations, attempts to change eye colour and join twins together. The side effect was often death and Mengele did not care.

Alina was injected with typhus so they could test various crude medicines on her. She had the highest fever she has ever experienced and hallucinations. She was convinced she was going to die. But she survived, and still survives to tell her story – itv.com

Photography Tips:

This photograph is all about perspective. Most who observe this image would not know it was Auschwitz. The image has purposely been designed in a sketch form and in monochrome. The image needs to tell its own story. When capturing photo’s like this, shoot unconventionally, find different angles and view points. I am a fan of film noir and wanted to show this with my photography.

Auschwitz & Birkenau