Man at work

Craftsmanship, a man hammering away at some metal work in Krakow main square, Poland. It’s always great to see little market stalls and people earning a living, the skills and craftsmanship is an unknown world to me and something I easily find myself watching.

This particular stall was making unusual things out of metal such as roses. They were also making the usual objects such as cups, mugs etc.

If you are visiting Krakow, the main square is very easy to get to and I recommend visiting. You will find many bars, restaurants and little market stalls selling things like Jewelry, clothes, toys, food etc. The square has lots of personality and culture, you can also divert off track and find the old Jewish quarters.

In addition to its original merchant functions the Main Square witnessed many historical events, and it was used to stage public executions of prisoners held in city Town Hall. It was a place of regal ceremonies as part of the Royal Road (Droga Królewska), frequented by diplomats and dignitaries traveling to the Wawel Castle. In 1364 King Casimir held the Pan-European Congress of Kraków there. On 10 April 1525, Albert I, Duke of Prussia paid the Prussian Homage to Sigismund I the Old, king of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania accepting Polish kings’ suzerainty, (pictured). In 1514 Lithuanian duke Konstanty Ostrogski held a victory parade over the Muscovy and in 1531 nobleman Jan Tarnowski celebrated another victory in the Muscovite wars. Jan III Sobieski, a King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania, celebrated there his victory over the Turkish Empire in the 1683 Battle of Vienna. – Wikipedia