Luminescent Larcenist, the light thief

Luminescent Larcenist

Larcenist; what a great word, simply means a person who steals. Light requires energy whereas darkness requires nothing, humans are walking energy sources. Be careful who you donate your energy too, some people will absorb everything from you and give nothing in return. You cant give yourself to others if you do not take care of yourself first. Like light, humans can shine and expel the darkness in others, however, a flickering candle will only shine for so long.



Earths main source of light is the Sun and this star emits enough energy to power 2,880 trillion light bulbs for an hour every hour. Through the process of ‘fusion’ where Hydrogen atoms combine to form Helium, thus generating vast amounts of heat and light. What would happen if the Sun turned off for an hour, well not much Earth would cool a bit but we would stay warm from the heat retained in the atmosphere. However, if the Sun turned off for a week the temperature on Earth would drop below zero, the coast line will be slightly warmer due to the heat retained in the oceans. Only some bacteria at the deepest parts of the ocean near a geothermal opening would survive. For  a light larcenist to be successful, he\she would have to move faster than 299,792,458 metres per second which is the speed of light.


Photography Tips:

This photograph was captured outside at night time, I wanted as little light as possible except the bulbs which make up the feature of the image. With Photoshop you can alter the shadows and dark zones to hide any areas you do not want to show. Some of my best work was done with unusual light sources such as torches, I am personally not a massive fan of flash photography and prefer natural light. Though flash guns have their place best to get creative with what you have access to as sometimes you don’t need expensive equipment.

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