The Lighthouse

A very simple and subtle shot of Happisburgh Lighthouse, Norfolk, UK. I particularly liked the way light evades from the right hand side and the sky just breaks through. Capturing this image was difficult due to the windy conditions on the Norfolk coastline, however, perseverance prevailed.

In 1987 Happisburgh was one of five candle sticks declared redundant by Trinity House and deactivation was planned for June 1988. Villagers organised a petition to oppose the closure, and as a result the date was postponed. Under the Merchant Shipping Act of 1894, Trinity House may dispose of a working lighthouse only to an established Lighthouse Authority. On 25 April 1990 the Happisburgh Lighthouse Act received the Royal Assent establishing the Happisburgh Lighthouse Trust as a Local Light Authority, and Happisburgh became the only independently run operational lighthouse in Great Britain – Wikipedia

My recommendations in photographing Lighthouses or anything you would expect to capture on a coastline, is to use a decent tripod, Polariser and to be patient. In England expect windy conditions, also make sure to wrap up warm even in the summer as the North Sea winds can be bitterly cold at times

Recommended Print: Epson Semi-Gloss