Invasion of the bird snatchers

Invasion of the bird snatchers

Absolute arial chaos, it seems pigeons are always hungry. These greedy blighters were battling the skies, all for a single chip. This photograph took several takes, an assistant helped with throwing the chips in the air. Shooting at high speeds is key to perfect a photograph like this. There is little time to think, move and react when zoomed in. The photograph reminded of an invasion, birds in this case.


Wroxham and Hoveton St. John are two connected villages, split by the River Bure. Most of the village facilities are actually in Hoveton, but are generally known as Wroxham. Boats of all kinds are for hire and there are also an abundance of hotels, pubs, restaurants and shops. Most of the shopping is dominated around the Roy’s brand, claiming to be the worlds largest village store! Wroxham contains many visitor attractions including a riverside park. The Bure Valley steam railway and Hoveton Hall gardens and Wroxham Barns craft centre is also local. The village certainly is a busy spot in high season, but is open all year round and is well worth a visit at any time of the year. A little way out of the village centre is Wroxham Broad, home to the Norfolk Broads Yacht Club. Large free car-parks can be found behind Roy’s department store. – TourNorfolk

Photography tips:

Wildlife photography can be challenging, challenges such as: weather, unpredictability, location and equipment. Best to plan ahead, think about what is required for the session. Animals will not always do what you want, so patience is key. I also advise to invest in good clothing, especially waterproof trousers. Very likely you may find yourself in awkward positions when capturing wildlife. Telephoto lenses are also recommended due to the advantage of distance, too close and you will frighten the subject.