The Getaway

The Getaway

A monochromatic photograph captured in Poland of a fast moving van hurtling through the streets of Krakow. As if involved in a criminal getaway. The photograph was captured using a ‘panning’ technique which can be challenging to do, practice makes perfect. If you have never visited Krakow, Poland I do recommend the visit. Unlike some places in Europe the Polish tend to drive in a decent manner, which makes commuting a pleasure.


Panning is all about motion and movement the only variable to take in consideration is ‘control’. To create a panning shot you need to focus the camera on the moving subject, sounds simple right? No,  If you are moving behind or ahead of the subject, then you may not get the desired image as expected. You don’t need to faff around with too many settings either, ‘Manual’ or ‘Speed’ mode will do. Select the relevant ISO or leave on ‘auto’ and shoot at a speed varying from 1/4 – 1/160,  depends on how much motion you want to show.

You can experiment with this technique and throw in a few speed-guns etc. This takes planning, time and a moving target that returns/resets for the camera. Don’t expect a perfect shot first time round, usually it can take multiple retakes to get your ideal photograph. You can also shoot at much higher speeds and get less blur,  be careful how much zoom you are using as the more you zoom in the faster you have to move.

Another article offering advice on panning is who can advise on the technique and what to watch out for.

You can do all the reading in the world, my recommendation is to get yourself out there and practice the technique. Try not to be upset if you spend a few hours and come back with nothing, practice is always valuable.