The Dark Inside – don’t be afraid

We all have a darkness inside, some just hide it better than others

The Dark Inside, a minimalist photograph designed to be spacious, dark and mysterious. This photograph was created with a child standing underneath a light source, in a very dark room. Then using Adobe Photoshop the blacks were adjusted to create the deep darkness you can see. Light can be the most difficult content to control and master in photography. However, paying particular attention to this will change your photography for the better.

Photography Tips:

To create an image like this, find a particular light source. You can use anything such as a ceiling light, torch, off-camera flash gun etc. Be creative and take multiple shots in different variations. One advantage of digital photography, is the mass amounts of photos you can capture. Also worth thinking¬†about shadows, ¬†shadows can make a picture and they can also destroy a picture. It all depends of the context of the shot. Shadows can look great in black & white photography, but can potentially hinder a portrait shot (unless used as an effect). May be worth thinking about using diffuser’s or bounce cards.


In optics, a diffuser is any device that diffuses or spreads out or scatters light in some manner, to give soft light. Diffused light can easily be obtained, by making light to reflect diffusely from a white surface. While more compact optical diffusers may use translucent objects, such as ground glass diffusers, Teflon diffusers, holographic diffusers, opal glass diffusers, and greyed glass diffusers – Wikipedia



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