Battle Chips

Battle Chips, this photo was captured at Wroxham, Norfolk, UK. The section of the broads was full of birds, I couldn’t help but throw a few chips in the air and capture the carnage that followed.

Feeding birds in the garden is a popular activity – over half of adults in the UK feed birds in their garden. That’s a lot of extra help for the birds!

Providing birds with supplementary food will bring them closer for you to marvel at their fascinating behaviour and wonderful colours. It will also reward them for sharing their lives with you. Feeding birds is also an ideal way to enthuse children about wildlife.

Supplementary feeding can’t provide all the natural proteins and vitamins that adult and young birds need, so it’s important to create and manage your garden to provide a source of natural foods as well, through well-managed lawns, shrub and flowerbeds. – RSPB

Battle Ships

The title of this post is a play on words of the famous board game ‘Battle Ships’.  is a guessing game for two players. It is known worldwide as a pencil and paper game which dates from World War I. It was published by various companies as a pad-and-pencil game in the 1930s, and was released as a plastic board game by Milton Bradley in 1967. The purpose of the game is to destroy the opposing player’s battleships.

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