Awarded an honourable mention in the Lucie 2016 international photography awards in 'Travel and Tourism' category
A Noir Moment, a stranger walking a flight of stairs in Auschwitz 

Angels, the gates and walkway through the centre of Birkenau

Arbeit Macht Frei, the infamous sign and slogan

Bed, one of the so called 'beds' in a barrack at Birkenau

Birkenau Barrack, a Birkenau wooden barrack in black and white

Birkenau Barrack, a Birkenau wooden barrack in colour

Birkenau Gatehouse, the infamous gatehouse of Birkenau concentration camp

Block 11, the block of death

Blocks to hell, an artistic visualisation depicting the gates of hell

Chained, the electric fence near the entrance of Auschwitz

Gas chamber at Auschwitz

Forgotten Family, a collection of confiscated photographs stolen by the Nazi's

Many frames and faces, a gentleman observing the countless pictures of inmates at Auschwitz, majority of them were murdered there

Ghost of Auschwitz, can you see the ghost in the picture? This was a digital manipulation

Hangman's noose inside Block 11 I believe 

Destroying the evidence, the Nazis attempt at covering their atrocities prior to liberation

Just a boy, a blend of photographs merged together

Road to nowhere, requires no description

Shoes and Souls, just a tiny fraction of the amount of shoes stolen from the inmates

Swastika, a trash polka designed blend of photographs

The Sauna, a delousing machine

Final Journey, an artistic visualization depicting the train journey straight to the gas chamber

Zyklon, used to murder millions

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